Muchísimas gracias por compartir su viaje. I am sad but so happy for you to have to come to an end of all of your amazing and inspirational moments.  Your lives have truly been blessed.

Day 9 – It’s About The People

¡Bravisimo! Buen camino

Our Camino

Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Villafranca de Montes de Oca

Total Walk 22 kilometers, almost 14 miles

Today was about the wonderful people that we meet along the Camino.

From Arla and Darrell who stopped to say goodbye–,to a young German policeman named Manuel who charmed us at breakfast–to Hazel from London, who along with her kids were on holiday (she had attended last night’s wedding at the Cathedral)–to a pair of brothers who took care of us in Villafranca.

Here’s today’s story:

Arla–British Coumbia

We woke early and were taking a break outside the parador when Arla emerged. She had decided to walk six kilometers today to bring her total walked kilometers to 200 for the trip. They, as we pointed out, are leaving for the coast and then Italy before returning to British Columbia.

Jackie with Hazel from London, Manuel from Germany, Hazel's dad and her kids. Note, the little one liked the walking pole. Jackie with Hazel from London, Manuel from Germany, Hazel’s dad and her kids…

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Day 8 – A Fowl Story

I am enjoying your posts and in awe of your accomplishments. Don’t feel guilty about your ‘siestas’ you are only doing what the españoles do! Take your time and enjoy (diviértanse ) . The photos and comentar y are great. I don’t know how you summon the energy at the end of the day¡! What an inspiration! ¡ Buen Camino !

Our Camino

Azofra to Santo Domingo de la Calzada

A stroll of 18 kilometers, about 11 miles

Long road ahead Long road ahead

Poppies Poppies

The Walk

We had a great breakfast before hitting the trail–meeting Sonrisa and Mark from Tuscon, vacationing in Spain. We hope their Camino spark grows.

We started early again today and had most of our walk over when we reached Ciruena, after about seven miles, a little before noon.

We moved along great again today, thanks in part to the lack of sun. It was cool most of the morning and we never saw the sun while we were on the trail.

Jackie with Darrell and Arla from British Columbia, friends along the way. Jackie with Darrell and Arla from British Columbia, friends along the way.

We were slowed after trekking up a long hill by two important events.

The first: We met Darrell and Arla, whom we had met miles back on our second day of walking. This was to be their…

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